Meeting for electrotechnology and electronic nerds.

Our Dorkbot meeting is every couple of weeks on Wednesday, starting from 19:00 till 21:00 in the rooms of DingFabrik.

Unofficial Dorkbot meetings are at „bastelnachmittag„, our crafting event each friday evening from 19:00.

Please see for details or events in your city.

19:00 welcome, warm-up, checking available talks

19:05 show and tell starts

20:30 free news exchange and discussion

21:00 clean-up, end

Are you interested in regular electronic meetings? Do you have hints or comments? Just leave a note.

We have a dorkbot-mailinglist; subscribe if you want to be involved.

(This text is in English because dorkbot is an english-speaking community. The meeting language is German if no foreign visiters are present.)