bfl single handspun, photo by fbz


Am Freitag, den 18. März, findet der Bastelnachmittag erstmalig unter dem Themenschwerpunkt „fiber friday: Textilkunst-Treff“ statt. Alle, die Interesse am Stricken, Häkeln, Sticken, Weben, Spinnen, Walken, Filzen, Nähen und Elektronik in Kleidung haben, sind herzlich eingeladen. Der Bastelnachmittag ist eine öffentliche Veranstaltung und insbesondere für Nicht-Mitglieder der Dingfabrik eine gute Gelegenheit, die Dingfabrik, ihre Mitglieder und ihre Arbeit kennenzulernen und daran teilzuhaben.

On Friday, March 18th, we will host Fiber Friday as the theme for our weekly Bastelnachmittag (DIY-evening). If you love knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, sewing, embroidery, felting, fulling, wearable electronics, or any other fiber art, this is the get together for you! Bring your projects (your WIPs — Work In Progress) along to work on, bring your finished objects, your favorite materials to share, your spinning wheel, your spindle, your loom, your sewing project, your yarn, and a smile. If you are curious about any fiber arts, or you need a little help getting started with your fiber project, please feel welcome to join and ask questions! We will do our best to get you knitting/crocheting/weaving/sewing.

Everyone is welcome, even those who are not yet members of DingFabrik. This is a free event. Questions? Email fabienne (on Ravelry username: fbz).